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Avanti Commerce Platform

An Online Ordering solution for restaurants, allowing guests to order/pay on-the-go. Avanti’s platform drives sales with mobile ordering apps & websites integrated seamlessly with your brand.



Connected Tech: The Internet of Things in the Restaurant Industry

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Written by Avanti Commerce. March 1st 2016.

A decade ago, the Internet was straightforward enough: you could open a browser look for information, find music, and maybe check in to MySpace. Fast-forward ten years: Wi-Fi is an indispensable part of our lives, and the Internet is being used with physical objects and wearable devices via the Internet of Things (IoT).

Mobile Commerce is Powering the future

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Avanti Local to Global

Is your brand multinational? Does your family own 6 stores in the same city? Whether 2 or 20,000 locations, the Avanti Platform can be easily configured to work in any city, in any country and in any language in a matter of days.

To see the drilldown of deployed stores by location, click here.

Avanti Experience

The needs of the guest and the completed purchase transaction are one.

Remote Ordering reaches out and grabs customers who are driven by their desire to be served more efficiently. It facilitates two way communication and simultaneously converts satisfied customers into loyal, repeat guests. Serve your guests more efficiently. Welcome them when they return.